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  • Get Moving!

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  • Get Moving!

    Free Your Feet!

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Naturally Healthy Feet

This secret that might surprise you: almost everyone should have strong and naturally healthy feet, with no need for supportive shoes or insoles, including custom-made orthotics, but over the years we have been convinced that the opposite is true. We often expect to have problems with our feet and, along with our backs, often think of our feet as the weakest or most vulnerable part of our body, liable to collapse or cause pain when they are even slightly stressed . What would our ancestors have thought of our predicament? For an interesting article on this subject see Why You were Born with Bare Feet.

How do Feet Become Weak?

Healthy feet have evolved to support our weight perfectly and need no external assistance to stand, walk, run, or jump. No other animal in the world needs to have its feet, paws, flippers, or fins supported. In fact, scientific studies support the view that natural movement is dependent upon strong, flexible and responsive feet that move without restriction. If we had needed support to move, our species would have died out long ago and being barefoot is still the best way to encourage naturally healthy feet, which is why barefoot population have such a low incidence of foot problems. Luckily, even if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, or neuromas, you can have strong and naturally healthy feet again.

The Motion Center and Healthy Feet

It is ironic that we attempt to protect our feet by wearing shoes that have stability and cushioning, since this type of shoe actually alters our biomechanics and disrupts our natural patterns of movement and makes our feet muscularly weak, imbalanced, and desensitized. At the Motion Center we take a very different approach to foot care than most people by encouraging our customers and patients to wear minimal shoes (aka minimalist shoes or barefoot shoes). Please see The Barefoot FAQ for reasons behind our decision to treat the foot naturally.


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Footwear and Movement

The simplest shoe is the best, so shoes need to match the anatomy and function of our feet. Minimal shoes are flat, flexible, light, with a toebox that is shaped more like the foot. If you can’t be barefoot, then minimal shoes are the practical solution to avoiding the problems caused by traditional athletic and casual shoes.Find out how minimal footwear and video gait analysis can help you relieve pain and increase the enjoyment of both walking and running.